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April Severe Weather Possible for Wisconsin on Sunday

Apr 14, 2012
Significant Tornado Parameter - April 15, 2012A major severe weather outbreak is expected for the southern and central plains Saturday and possibly over Wisconsin on Sunday. A strong trough is forecast to move into the upper Midwest that will promote a strong low pressure system with a dry-line | cold front combination, strong vertical wind shear, and a northward feed of gulf moisture to set the stage for severe thunderstorms. Let's take a closer look at the severe weather parameters for Sunday across Wisconsin.

Severe Weather Outbreak - April 14|15, 2012


This needed severe weather ingredient is questionable and not all that impressive. Clouds and possible rain showers may persist for a time on Sunday thus hampering the chances of a widespread severe weather outbreak. The models are forecasting high relative humidity throughout the mid atmosphere that will help form cloud cover to hang around longer through the day. However, if enough sunshine would occur, the upper Midwest and Wisconsin will be looking at more of a volatile weather situation.

Wind Shear

There is plenty of this ingredient in the lower and mid levels of the atmosphere. Wind Shear helps sculpt a thunderstorm and organize a certain way that would often tell a forecaster what type of storms there will be. 0-6km shear is in the 50-70 knot range across Wisconsin on Sunday that will help support thunderstorms and their life span to produce greater chances of severe weather and possibly tornadoes.


There will be a cold front along with a strong upper level disturbance to initiate the storms. It appears the front will move through during maximum amount of the day-time heating across western Wisconsin which will help intensify storms.

Significant Tornado Parameter

The latest models do show the Significant Tornado Parameter very high across central and northern Wisconsin along the warm front. Further south, conditions will be less favorable to a degree. A tornado outbreak isn't likely, but there may be some severe storms will isolated tornadoes tomorrow for Wisconsin. Stay tuned!


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