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January Cold Might Break Wisconsin Temperature Records

Jan 01, 2014
Wisconsin 2014 ColdAn arctic outbreak will begin its march southward on Sunday that could break record cold temperatures across a large region of the United States and Canada. This cold snap may rival the January 1982, 1994 and February 1996 arctic blast that brought Milwaukee, Wisconsin to an all time low of -26 degrees Fahrenheit. I believe this record will be left intact, but it's more likely the daily record low temperatures for the city may fall. The record lows for Milwaukee next Monday and Tuesday are -18 and -21.

For perspective, the coldest temperature ever officially recorded in Wisconsin was -55 F in northwest Wisconsin during the February 1996 cold outbreak.

The medium range computer models have been advertising a very cold air mass from the arctic plunging south toward most of the Midwest, Ohio Valley and Northeast for the past few days. Wind Chill Warnings will likely be issued for most if not all of Wisconsin and surrounding states. It's likely schools will be possibly cancelled over a large area. The cold weather is expected to continue to entrench across most of the area for the next month. Stay Tuned!


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