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Museum of Science and Industry - Science Storms

Mar 21, 2011
Science Storms - Chicago, IllinoisThe Museum of Science and Industry located in Chicago, Illinois has many visual presentations to explore. The Science Storms Exhibit is a great interactive display to visualize and learn about the atmosphere and natural earth occurrences, including tornadoes, lightning, fire, tsunamis, avalanches and chemistry material. Science Storms is located on the lower and upper levels filled with many weather and earth related information.

One of the awe inspiring features at Science Storms is the Tornado Machine. This 40 foot spectacle attracted many to see the mechanics on how a tornado works. Another feature is the wind tunnel machine. You are able to step into a closed booth container and feel what it's like in a strong wind storm or hurricane.

Science Storms - Chicago, IllinoisWith the recent tragic events in Japan, the tsunami tank will grab the most attention and you will explore how these waves retain most of their energy crossing over large square miles when generated due to an earthquake. The user has the ability to produce a tsunami in a long stretched out tank and you can understand what kind of impact will be felt on a prop coastal city.

Science Storms has an incredible lightning generator display on the upper balcony where lightning bolts discharge through the air. Unfortunately, lightning kills more people than hurricanes and tornadoes combined and continues to be a very important study to science. There are educational tools to show you how lightning works and how much energy it releases when a single bolt discharges.

German Sub U-505 - Chicago, IllinoisI thought the only downfall of the Museum of Science and Industry was the hours of operation. They close at 4 p.m. however, I believe they may have extended hours during certain days. There are other exciting exhibits and including the famous capture German U-505 submarine. If you're looking for things to do in Chicago, the Museum of Science and Industry is a definite must see.


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