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RadarScope 2.0 App | iPad Mini Review

Mar 24, 2013
RadarScope 2.0 - Precipitation Depiction - Supercell ThunderstormsThe popular storm chasing app, RadarScope, has been upgraded to version 2.0 with an improved user interface and functionality that makes it even a more dependable weather app for the iPhone iPad, and iPad Mini. Version 2.0 includes the new Precipitation Depiction product, distance tool and other hot features below.

Precipitation Depiction

This product feature displays an "all in one" approach with rain, snow, mixture precipitation and intensity. I've used this for a few weeks on the iPad Mini and it provides the user with a better understanding of where the heaviest preciptation is located and what type of preceiptation is occuring. This product provides a high resolution image that makes it appealing. I personally like this product for winter precipitation since it does a good job on visually depicting where the heaviest snow is located. Either way, it's a cool new high resolution precipitation product.

RadarScope 2.0 - Precipitation Depiction

Improved Product Tilt Navigation

Previous RadarScope versions had the user scroll through all the available products (Reflectivity, Velocity, Rainfall, Hail & Echo Tops, Dual Polarization) that would take longer to select the product you desired. The new RadarScope version 2.0 allows you to select different tilts using a tilt pop-up selector that now saves time when selecting a product. It's more organized and most users will be happy with this new functionality. I'm glad this was changed for the better, as I listed the old tilt functionality as a negative in my previous RadarScope blog post.

Distance Tool

This new tool will help to determine how far away precipitation is from your location. You are able to produce a circle that measures the distances of 2 points. This will be helpful to determine how far away storms are from your location. I'm looking forward to using this for storm chasing.

RadarScope 2.0 - Distance Tool

Misc. Features

  • Send radar images to your mail account, Twitter account, iPad/iPhone camera roll and paste radar images into any application.

  • Select and save user locations (city, address, etc.) of interest.

  • Finger zoom, inertial scrolling, and compass mode are all available in this update.

There are different radar apps for the iPad, iPad Mini and iPhone, but I believe RadarScope continues to lead the way. The most favorable upgrade in my opinion, is the improved ability to navigate through the different products, where you can select which tilt you want to view. The $9.99 price may still be steep for some, but if you continue to look for a weather radar app that does it all, RadarScope is the best on the iPad Mini, iPad and iPhone.

Note: The new RadarScope 2.0 version will be available for the Android soon.


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