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Superbowl 45 Weather Forecast for Dallas, Texas

Jan 24, 2011
The Green Bay Packers will square off against the Pittsburgh Steelers on February 6, 2011 at Cowboys Stadium. The weather should not be a concern for the game, but many wonder if the new stadium has a hole in the roof similar to Texas Stadium. The thought of cold air soothing it's way down to the field is a concern for fans to whether they should bring a jacket or warm clothing. So you may ask, does the new stadium have a hole in the roof like the old Texas Stadium? Well let's find out!

Cowboys Stadium

Texas Stadium did have a hole on top of the roof when built in 1971. The new stadium does have a similar rectangular hole but they designed a retractable roof to protect against any weather conditions. The stadium is also heated for the fans. Do expect the roof to be closed during the Super Bowl so spectators won't have to worry about being cold during the game.

Super Bowl Forecast:

Initially a winter storm will be moving through the area producing some snow through Friday. However, on Saturday the weather will be dominated under high pressure that will produce sunny skies across the Dallas Fort Worth area. Temperatures are expected to be chilly in the low 40's through the weekend. So, in hindsight don't expect any eventful weather during the Superbowl weekend; it's looking good but chilly!

Looking at climate history (provided by the National Weather Service Dallas/Fort Worth) the high temperature for February 6 is 58 degrees and a low temperature of 37 degrees. The average temp is around 47 degrees.

Climate - February 6 Temperatures:

  • High Temp 58

  • Low Temp 37

  • Avg. Temp 47

Texas Stadium Demolition


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