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Tornadoes strike Eagle and Muskego, Wisconsin

Jun 21, 2010
Last night the towns of Eagle, Mukwonago, Big Bend, and Muskego were hit by a swath of tornadoes and destructive straight-line winds all produced by a supercell thunderstorm that traveled across southeast Wisconsin. Specifically, the town Eagle, Wisconsin suffered major damage as an EF-2 tornado hit the town. Nearly 125 homes have been damaged by the tornado that hit Eagle around 9:15 P.M.

Additionally, another tornado spun up near highway 164/I-43 and traveled through the north side of Muskego, Wisconsin. This tornado was rated an EF-1. In addition to the tornado, destructive straight-line winds well excess over 90 - 100 mph hit the cities of Genesee, Big Bend, Vernon and Muskego causing many trees being uprooted and destroyed.

Tornado Damage:
Click here to view Eagle/Muskego Tornado photos

Aerial view Eagle Tornado Damage -

Below are radar images of the supercell thunderstorm that produced the tornado in Eagle and Muskego.

Velocity image shows developing tornado heading towards Eagle, Wisconsin. Red colors indicate winds blowing away from the radar while green indicates winds blowing toward the radar.Velocity image shows tornadic circulation moving east of Eagle, Wisconsin.Hook echo evident from a supercell thunderstorm over southern Waukesha county Wisconsin. At this time the supercell produced another tornado.Velocity data showing intense rotation over Highway 164/Interstate 43. At this time a tornado was on the ground.

June 21, 2010 Tornado Resources:
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Radar Images provided by Base Velocity, LLC - Radarscope iPhone App

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