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Big Bend, WI Tornado - Milwaukee, WI Flash Flooding

Jul 22, 2010
A severe weather event including tornadoes and major flash flooding occurred across southeast Wisconsin. Click here to view our storm chase video of the numerous funnel clouds and rotating wall clouds that occurred on July 22, 2010.

There were reports of numerous tornadoes across Southern Wisconsin in Jefferson and Waukesha Counties. An EF-2 Tornado has been confirmed by the National Weather Service survey team. More information can be found below clicking the link regarding other tornado touchdowns and rainfall totals.

Flash Flooding
Incredible rainfall rates at one time reaching 19 inches per hour fell across Waukesha County. Milwaukee County had numerous flooding problems including Channel 4 receiving 6.73 inches in 1 hour totaling over 8 inches of rain. A sink hole also was created by the heavy rain on Oakland and North Avenue in Milwaukee.


Shorewood, Wisconsin - Oakland Ave Flash Flooding

Supercell storm near Big Bend, Wisconsin where the EF-2 Tornado occurred.Supercell storm near Big Bend, Wisconsin where the EF-2 Tornado occurred.Wall Cloud passing overhead in Mukwonago moments before producing the EF-2 Tornado in Big Bend, Wisconsin.

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