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Tropical Storm Igor - East Coast Threat? Julia Next?

Sep 11, 2010
Residents of Florida, Georgia, up through the Carolina's, Virginia and New England states will be watching Tropical Storm Igor this weekend. Igor is expected to become a hurricane during the next day or so as it heads west out in the Atlantic. The storm looks ragged this morning on the satellite picture (shown below). However, as mentioned strengthening is expected to occur.

At this time, the computer models have the storm heading west for a couple of days, but some project it to remain out in the open waters of the Atlantic and then turn north and out to sea leaving the east coast spared. However, this will have to be watched closely in the coming days.

Tropical Storm Igor

Invest 92 & Julia?

Invest 92 (tropical disturbance) is currently in the Caribbean Sea looking pretty healthy this morning. Although, not a tropical depression, it appears it will become a tropical system within the next couple of days. It will generally move WNW towards the Yucatán Peninsula, but the track at this time remains uncertain. Folks in the Caribbean and southern Gulf of Mexico will need to monitor the progression of this tropical disturbance.

Another tropical wave off the Atlantic coast is showing signs of becoming a tropical system which may in fact become Julia.

Overall it's been a busy tropical/hurricane season but luckily most have missed any major coastal areas. September 10 is the statistical peak of hurricane season and the number of named storms will start to slowly decline as we head into the month of October. The hurricane season ends on November 30th.

Invest 92 to become Julia?

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These images above are provided by the National Hurricane Center

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