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Tornado strikes Yazoo City, Mississippi

Nov 29, 2010
Yazoo City, Mississippi was hit by a tornado for the second time in 2010. It's pretty remarkable that the town of 15,000 people have had to endure their second tornado in 7 months. Thankfully, this tornado wasn't as strong as it received a preliminary rating of an EF2 with maximum winds reaching 125 mph. Below are radar images showing the strong rotation moving into Yazoo City last night.

Velocity scan showing tornado approaching Yazoo City, MSVelocity scan showing tornado approaching Yazoo City, MSVelocity scan showing tornado approaching Yazoo City, MS

April 24, 2010 - Yazoo Mississippi Tornado Summary:

Unfortunately, earlier this year on April 24 one of the strongest tornadoes to hit Mississippi, in sometime, devastated Yazoo City, most notably on the southeastern side of the city. This tornado at times became as large as 1.75 miles wide, tracked along the ground for a whooping 149 miles and its duration was near 3 hours. The storm was moving between 40-0 mph. Unfortunately, some were killed and many were injured.

Storm survey by the NWS Jackson/Memphis office located below:

Beginning Point:
Tallulah, LA at 11:06 AM

Ending Point:
Sturgis, MS at 1:52 PM

Length: 149 miles
Maximum Width: 1.75 miles
Rating: EF4, with maximum winds of 170 MPH
Casualties: 10 fatalities with dozens of injuries

April 24, 2010 Yazoo City Tornado Video:

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Radar Images provided by Base Velocity, LLC - Radarscope iPhone App

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