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Hail strikes Mount Horeb, Middleton and Milwaukee, WI

Apr 04, 2011
Two rounds of severe thunderstorms hammered Middleton (near Madison, WI) and the Milwaukee metro area on Sunday. Pea to marble sized hail was plentiful across Southern Wisconsin while an intense left moving supercell produced very large hail in Dane County during the evening.

The morning hours experienced very cool conditions as Southern Wisconsin was north of a warm front. However, this led to an increase in elevated severe thunderstorms that tracked east southeast during the morning producing vast amounts of hail. While the hail was small in size, it quickly accumulated on the ground. Here are some radar shots of the storms moving through the southeast.

Hail from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.Severe storm continues to produce hail across Waukesha County.Severe storm continues to produce hail across Milwaukee County. Notice the pink reflectivity indicating hail.

During the evening numerous severe thunderstorms developed in response to a low pressure system moving through far Northern Illinois. One particular elevated supercell produced tennis to baseball size hail west of Madison esp. in Middletown and Mount Horeb, Wisconsin. Below are radar images of this storm.

Elevated Supercell near Middleton, Wisconsin. At this time baseball size hail was falling.Vertically Integrated Liquid indicates how large the hail is within a cloud. Any values over 70 indicate large hail

Amateur Video - Middleton, WI

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Radar Images provided by Base Velocity, LLC - Radarscope iPhone App

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