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Late February 2012 Snowfall - Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Feb 24, 2012
Many Milwaukee area residents woke up to a late February snowstorm this morning. 4-8 inches of snow had fallen after what was a complicated synoptic weather system that moved south of Wisconsin. Milwaukee meteorologists had a fit with this system since Thursday morning as the computer models had a tough time grasping where the heaviest snow would occur.

Snowfall - Waukesha, Wisconsin - February 24, 20122012 February Snowfall - Waukesha, WisconsinFootprints - Waukesha, Wisconsin - February 2012

Yesterday afternoon, it appeared the far southern counties of Wisconsin and northern Illinois would receive the brunt of the snow. As the evening went on, a heavy snow band set up shop across southern Wisconsin from Madison, east to northern Milwaukee county. This snow band prompted the National Weather Service to expand the Winter Weather Advisory further north across the Milwaukee metro.

Nexrad Radar - Milwaukee, Wisconsin - February 2012 SnowstormNexrad Radar - Milwaukee, Wisconsin - February 2012 SnowstormRadar - Milwaukee, Wisconsin Snow - February 2012

The snow was heavy due to its high moisture content which is common in February. This type of snow can pose problems for tree limbs, powerlines, and for people who shovel, due to its weight. The heavy, wet snow provided a nice view of the trees across the Milwaukee area.

Snow - February 2012 - Waukesha, WisconsinBird on Tree - Snow - February 2012 - Waukesha, WisconsinSnow on Pine Tree - February 2012 - Waukesha, Wisconsin

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