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August Storm blows through Southeast Wisconsin

Aug 30, 2013
Washington and Waukesha counties were hit by a severe thunderstorm during the early afternoon hours on Friday. The cities of Hartford, Nashotah, Dousman, Hartland, and Waukesha experienced hail, strong damaging winds and heavy rain.

Wall Cloud - Hartford, Wisconsin - August 30, 2013Shelf Cloud moving into Oconomowoc, Wisconsin - August 30, 2013Hartford, Wisconsin - Wall Cloud

The storm developed along a cold front that moved through the state and was fueled by a warm, moist airmass. According to NWS radar, the storms became severe over Washington county near Hartford, Wisconsin. During this time, a lowered base was observed indicating a strong updraft into the storm. The heights had risen up to 60,000 feet according to radar estimates at the time.

The severe storm became large and began to transition into an outflow dominate storm across northern Waukesha county. Damaging winds became more of a threat. Hail was confirmed across Waukesha county where some spots received up to 1.00 inch in diameter. The storms eventually cleared the state of Wisconsin and moved into Illinois producing sporadic wind damage.

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